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Current Annual Report 2011

Annual Report 2011 - Contents



Complete Annual Report as PDF-download Initiates file download[here...] (Pdf-file, 15,4 MB)
Greetings from the GPOH-Chairman (Pdf-file, 14,9 KB) German Childhood Cancer Registry Turns 30
  Foreword (Pdf-file, 17,5 KB)
Systematic Presentation (Pdf-file, 18,5 MB) of Descriptive Measures for Frequent ICCC-3 Diagnoses*
  Overview Tables (Pdf-file, 164,6 KB)
  Further Tables and Figures (Pdf-file, 116,8 KB)
  Research Projects (Pdf-file, 56,2 KB)
Methods inc. ICCC-3* (Pdf-file, 1,4 MB)
Publications and Presentations (Pdf-file, 39,0 KB) by or in co-operation with the German Childhood Cancer Registry since 2009
References (Pdf-file, 18,5 KB)
* International Classification of Childhood Cancer (Extended ICCC-3)