Visual Universitätsmedizin Mainz


German Childhood Cancer Registry at the IMBEI

55101 Mainz

Building and delivery address (also for small packages):
Institute for Medical Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Informatics (IMBEI)
University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz
Building 902
Obere Zahlbacher Str. 69
55131 Mainz

Telephone: +49 (0)6131 / 17 -3111

Fax:       +49 (0)6131 / 17 -4462


Map of the area

Hospital map with bus stops (Pdf-file, 154,0 KB)
Legend for the hostpital map (Pdf-file, 116,3 KB)

Arrival via public transportation

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If you come by bus:

From the Main Train Station, you can reach with the following bus routes:

  • 62 (Gonsenheim Wildpark - Weisenau/Friedrich-Ebert-Str.)
  • 63 (Mombach/Am Lemmchen - Laubenheim)
  • 67 (Mainz/Hbf - Zornheim/Hahnheimer Str.)
  • 71 (Stadecken - Landwehrweg)
  • 76 (Mainz-Neustadt - Mainz-Hechtsheim)


Stay on the bus until you reach the Universitätsmedizin stop.

If you come by tram:

You can reach us with the following tram routes:

  • 50 (Finthen/Römerquelle - Hechtsheim/Bürgerhaus)
  • 51 (Finthen/Poststraße - Hechtsheim/Bürgerhaus)
  • 52 (Bretzenheim/Bahnstraße - Hechtsheim/Am Schinnergraben)

Stay on the tram until you reach the am Gautor stop.

 Complete information on the busses and trams can be found on the Mainz Public Transport website or via the route planner of the website for Rhein-Main Public Transport

Departure point: Mainz, Main Train Station
Destination: Mainz, Obere Zahlbacher Str. 69

Arrive on foot

Map with directions from the Mainz Main Train Station to the German Cancer Registry by foot (15 min).

Arrival by car

From the Mainz-Süd highway intersection, continue further in the ‘Innenstadt’ direction and then follow the Universitätsklinikum signs.